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Partnered with the Leaders in the Waterworks Industry


EBAA Iron Inc.

Made in the USA, EBAA Iron is the leading manufacturer of joint restraint products for ductile iron and PVC pipe. From its beginning in 1964, EBAA continues to lead the way in innovative products for the water and wastewater industry that are engineered to save time and money. EBAA is the only manufacturer of the world famous MEGALUG® Mechanical Joint Restraint.


Sanderson Pipe

Since 1998 Sanderson Pipe has focused on manufacturing quality PVC pipe while

providing exceptional customer service. With production facilities in Kansas (Pittsburg),

Tennessee (Clarksville), and Florida (Sanderson), Sanderson Pipe manufactures PVC pipe from 1⁄2” to 20” in diameter.

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Kupferle Water Solutions

The Kupferle Foundry Company of St. Louis, Missouri was started in 1857. With over 150

years worth of rich history the commitment to quality and service continues today.

Kupferle is the leading supplier of sampling stations, post hydrants and flushing devices. Innovative ideas and products have contributed to Kupferle's growth and success. Kupferle provides a progressive approach and commitment to quality products and services to waterworks professionals.


Oldecastle Infrastructure

Known worldwide as one of the most innovative and largest manufacturers of enclosure

products, Oldcastle Infrastructure uses leading-edge technology to design, manufacture

and supply products for the protection of municipal water, irrigation, and sewer. We

offer multiple manufacturing processes — structural foam molding, high pressure

injection, wet cast concrete, dry cast concrete and polymer concrete molding — to

produce a broad spectrum of enclosure products to meet your needs.



MUNICIPEX is a clean, cost-effective municipal piping alternative that surpasses many of the performance properties of copper and HDPE. Unlike other municipal lines that need frequent repairs or replacements, MUNICIPEX is not susceptible to corrosion and

mineral buildup. MUNICIPEX is offered in diameters 3/4" to 2"; and available in blue, green, & purple.


BWM Company

BWM can provide any type of Casing Spacer or Pipe Seal to fit your needs. We are

uniquely positioned to provide years of experience and thorough knowledge of our

customers’ needs. All of our Poly Casing Spacers are in inventory, making them

immediately accessible to you. We also inventory a full line of Pipe Seals and Wall

Sleeves, allowing you to have inventory at your disposal in our warehouse.

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